Client’s Comments about Ruth’s Services
The AAWSM Feelings Dissolving Process
Within 40 minutes of working with Ruth as she progressed through her AAWSM (Awesome) Technique of Healing, I was able to feel the pain, anger and sadness lifting from my heart. The emotions I had been experiencing seemed to lose their tight hold on me and I am now at peace with the situation that had been impeding me from moving on with my life. A wonderful medical aspect has been the incredible lowering of my blood pressure which has been a real cause of concern.
Thank you Ruth for the kind and sensitive way in which you guided me through this process and for your follow up.
Sue Murray, August 2012
To Whom it may Concern Re: the AAWSM Program
In Early 2012 my business pressures and lifeltyle meant that I was getting really stressed out and my work/leisure time as getting out of balance.

An acquaintance suggested that I call Ruth Winmill and book in for an AAWSM session with her.

I did this and Ruth took me through the AAWSM process. What a difference this made!

Without telling Ruth any of my personal problems or issues as we worked through the process, the stress just melted away and I felt at peace with myself; and the world. It was simple but amazing how it worked.

AAWSM is AWESOME and I would recommend a session with Ruth to anyone who is finding life dificult or is stressed out.

R. Henry, January 2013
Dear Ruth- Thank you so much for the healing session. It was so lovely to lie back in your gentle presence and just let myself be open to what ever Healing was in Highest Good.

Your insights and intuititions were spot on and such a big change has happened since – you certainly bring through the Divine Presence in a powerful yet entirely safe and gentle way.

And the distance session follow-up was just as good. Great to have you as part of my regular ‘growth and support regime’.

Lots of Love,

Jasmine Sampson, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, Healer & Mentor. , February 2013
Ruth Winmill has been a tower of strength , knowledge and support during my recovery period. In June 2005 I suffered a prolapsed disc (L5-S1) in my Lower back. After examination and MRI scans I was advised by the surgical staff that an operation would be required. I was not keen on this option as I had heard of many who had taken this road and had never fully recovered.

I made contact with Ruth initially through the Health shop in Karori when buying supplements for our child. She noticed my difficulty in movement and it was not long before she was openly offering her depth of knowledge and experience in dealing with back complaints. Ruth’s knowledge and experience comes from both training and practical experience.

By following Ruth’s advice I have managed a recovery without surgery that sees me playing tennis, taking long walks, performing usual household activities and I have been able to to work full time. I have done this in three months. The surgeons offering their traditional methods were talking of a possible recovery in 18 months.

I have been so impressed with Ruth’s professional knowledge and ability that I would happily recommend her as a Naturopath and adviser in lower back recovery.

Yours faithfully

Rachel Hay, Northland, Wellington, October 2005
General Comments
My very painful shoulder was greatly improved after just 2 treatments from Ruth. I was impressed!
I have been a client of Ruth’s for over 3 years and she has helped me enormously with the many treatments she offers.
Ruth’s knowledge and remedies have really helped me deal with stress and the challenges of day to day life.

For all enquiries and Appointments – Call Ruth on 06 753 7484 or 027 240 9853