Back Pain – Be Gone!

How many people do you know who suffer constant Back Pain? Be it an Acute episode that stops them in their tracks or a Chronic nagging pain that drags them down and prevents them or you from enjoying life generally – back pain is a ‘real pain’!

The Pain

My husband had been having niggles in his lower back for a few months, when one morning he felt like he was suddenly hit with a sharp instrument that sent excruciating pain down his legs to the point that he had to crawl to the bathroom. Definitely not good and we were a 4 hour plus drive away from home at the time.

Prolapsed Lumbar Disc

On our arrival home this acute episode was diagnosed as a Prolapsed Lumbar Disc and my husband’s GP sent him off for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan immediately. Besides the extreme pain he was experiencing numbness down his right leg into his foot and impairment to bladder nerves which was affecting his bladder function.
The result was that the Orthopaedic Dept. of Wellington Hospital wanted him to have immediate surgery as in their words “Surgery is the only way to treat this Prolapsed Disc!” Even an Osteopath we consulted told us it would likely take 6 months for this prolapse to resolve, treating it with nutritional supplements.


I had begun my Naturopathic Training earlier that year and my husband and I talked about treating this incident by natural means. He decided he would rather take the natural approach than have surgery despite his debilitating pain, as we had heard many first-hand accounts of people having spinal surgery, only to be plagued for years with on-going and/or pain and complications.
So began a regime that included an holistic mental, physical and emotional look at his health on all levels before, during and after this acute attack.
We purchased an inversion frame for him to hang from several times a day. As painful as this was initially he diligently hung as often as he could and this relieved the compression of the nerves involved. The pain was reducing!
I began a Practitioner Multi Vitamin, Calcium – Magnesium, Vitamin C programme with him at therapeutic doses, which I felt was covering the physical requirements for optimum healing.
Aside from that I ascertained there may be a link between emotions and back pain as suggested by Louise L. Hay (You can Heal Your Life) and wanted to cover all bases. So I prescribed the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies to address the emotions that he acknowledged having for the 12 months prior to this acute prolapse. Together with this he undertook his own visualisation and colour therapy meditations focusing on his spine.


Over the next few weeks he found the pain reduced considerably enabling him to return to work and his almost normal daily routines. After six weeks he had no pain at all and full feeling in his right leg and foot, as well as no bladder interference whatsoever.
On his return to his Orthopaedic clinic appointment part way through this treatment programme, the Specialist was very impressed as he’d had no experience with natural treatments of this condition and was to get this Protocol from my husband on his final visit to the clinic. Sadly an Orthopaedic registrar saw him on the final appointment and was not interested, other than to say they didn’t need to see him again! My husband has had very little recurrent back pain since then.
The success with my husband and other people I have encountered with prolapsed intervertebral discs following this, led me to investigate the mental/ emotional relationship if any, as Louise L. Hay suggests. Hence I decided to focus my Thesis at the completion of my Naturopathic Diploma in 2002, on the following questions:-

1. Does Mental/Emotional Stress Relate to Back Pain? ….and….
2. Can Bach Flower Successfully Treat Back Pain?

This was a great study which I enjoyed immensely and was very instrumental to the way I approach Health and Wellbeing in my practice. I believe there is a strong relationship with our emotions and our Health.
I have had considerable results with clients who have been advised they require surgery for their back pain.

Take Action

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Reference: Louise L. Hay (1984) You can heal Your Life.

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