Have you heard of Energy Healing and wondered just what it is?
Your mind may conjure up all manner of thoughts about it being some kind of weird religion or belief that only works if you believe it will, or of it being of the �dark side�.
It is neither!
I am trusting this article will help explain what it really is and clear any clouded mysteries or misconceptions for you.
Energy Healing can encompass several forms including but not limited to �Hands-on Healing�, Spiritual Healing, Reconnection, EMF (Electromagnetic Field therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Theta and Colour Therapy.

I will answer questions related to hands-on energy Healing, which is a gentle, non-invasive technique whereby the practitioner directs energy channelled through his/her hands to clear, energise and balance the human energy fields thus promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Back Pain – Be Gone!

The surgical ways of treating Prolapsed Inter-vertebral Discs are not the only solution. What if the cause is an underlying unresolved emotion? Is the surgery going to treat the whole person taking everything into account? Maybe the best approach is taking the whole patient into consideration, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Read how this has been done with great success.

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